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Empowering Therapists to Transform Autism Intervention Through Technology and Collaboration

Welcome to CognitiveBotics! We are committed to empowering therapists like you to make a significant difference in the lives of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). By providing advanced tools, resources, and a collaborative platform, we aim to enhance your expertise and revolutionize the way you deliver autism care and intervention.

Don't Just Take
our Word for it

Hear from therapists who have experienced the transformative power of CognitiveBotics in their practice. Read testimonials and success stories from professionals who have witnessed remarkable progress and outcomes in their clients’ social, communication, motor, and emotional skills.

Our Commitment

Therapists are at the core of our business and we believe in building long-term relationships that result in mutual growth. Apart from the monetary benefits, partnering with us will help you unlock your true potential and make the maximum impact on your client’s overall performance.

Partner with CognitiveBotics

Our platform offers a range of benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of therapists dealing with ASD. Experience the following advantages:

Enhance Your Therapy.
Make a Difference.

Complement your physical therapy with our digital intervention platform to achieve maximum efficiency and make a profound impact on the lives of children with autism and their families.

Retain Clients.
Increase Earnings.

Retain more clients and unlock your earning potential with our platform. Deliver exceptional therapy experiences, leading to increased success for your practice.

Build Your Brand.
Reach Global Clients.

Elevate your brand and establish credibility in the industry. Expand your reach to a global client base, positioning yourself as a trusted provider of autism therapy services worldwide.

Features & Benefits

Here’s what CognitiveBotics can do for you:

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Anytime Anywhere Accessibility
Our SaaS based platform ensures continuity even during vacations or travel disruptions.

Provide uninterrupted therapy sessions, maximizing convenience for your clients.

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Advanced AI Insights
Track and analyze eye contact, voice modulation, posture, and emotions for personalized therapy planning.

Gain detailed insights into a child’s interaction, enabling targeted interventions and progress monitoring.

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Data Driven
Our application is data-driven, which means it tracks progress over time and provides insights into what interventions are working best for each child.

Make informed decisions about how to best support each child’s unique needs based on data-driven insights.

computer 10

Multilingual Support
Break language barriers with support for diverse accents and languages, fostering inclusivity and effective communication.

Engage with clients from different cultural backgrounds, ensuring therapy is accessible and tailored to their needs.

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Home Based Activities
Enable consistent at-home practice for enhanced therapy effectiveness and structured learning.

Empower parents and caregivers to actively participate in the therapy process, promoting continuity and progress.

computer 8

Multimodal Learning
Engage users through interactive audio-video simulations, speech recognition interactions, games, and AR/VR experiences tailored to their unique learning styles.

Foster active participation and learning engagement, making therapy sessions enjoyable and effective.

computer 5

Dynamic Progress Dashboard
Access comprehensive progress reports and data-driven insights to track performance and optimize therapy plans.

Collaborate with parents & other professionals involved, ensuring holistic approach to therapy.

computer 7

Customized learning experience with personalized names, tones of voice, fostering comfort and engagement.

Create a supportive and personalized environment that enhances therapy outcomes.

computer 3

Therapy Agnostic
Complement all therapy frameworks, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive learning experience.

Seamlessly integrate CognitiveBotics into existing therapy practices, maximizing its benefits.

computer 1

Structured Content
Create a distraction-free learning environment with structured content that focuses on skill development.

Deliver targeted interventions and promote skill acquisition through structured and tailored content.

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White Label
Build and nurture your personal brand by expanding your portfolio with CognitiveBotics.

Lower risk and bolster credibility through our trusted platform, allowing you to focus on your core competency.

management 1

Create an Organization
Leverage our proprietary assessment framework to understand specific learning requirements and set tailored goals for each child.

Make informed decisions based on comprehensive assessments, optimizing therapy plans and interventions.

See CognitiveBotics in Action

Support for Your Mission

We understand the value of your expertise and continuous professional growth. At CognitiveBotics, we provide resources, research updates, and ongoing training to help you stay at the forefront of autism care and intervention. We support your passion for learning and equip you with the tools to deliver the best possible outcomes for your clients.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Join our community of experts and therapists to unlock the full potential of CognitiveBotics. If you’d like to learn more, our team is here to answer any questions you may have. Let’s work together to create a brighter future for children with autism.